Pre-sale Valuations

Are You Considering Selling Your Property?

Before you finally establish the asking price, it paramount that you conduct a property valuation vs sale price assessment. Through our services, we will help you estimate a realistic sale price; not exaggerated and not cheaper than the real value. We are well experienced and we will carefully scrutinize every part of your property before presenting a comprehensive report. Armed with our report, you can compare the market price of similar property before fixing a sale price.

When selling your property an independent property valuation is very important and also required. You can’t just go and sell your property, you need a reasonable asking price, an asking price that is not 3 times the market value. Especially senior citizens or old people whose children are now adults, mostly want to move to a much smaller house, and they need help selling their property.

Pre Sale Valuation Report

During valuation, our valuers will prepare a report that highlights various aspects of the property then recommend the fairest asking price. For residential properties, we consider the following;

  • i. Bathroom: As one of the most important rooms in your home, we carefully examine the size, finishes and the equipment. Most home buyers are currently searching for modern kitchens.
  • ii. Bathroom: Here we consider the number of bathrooms. Are they spacious enough and modern? Are there any visible plumbing challenges? Is it a full or half bathroom?
  • iii. Bedrooms: Property valuation vs sale price will be established based on the number of bedrooms; the more the bedrooms, the higher the value.
  • iv. Living Areas: Does the property only have a living lounge or there is also a dinning area or kids play room attached? The later is is more valuable.
  • v. Entertainment Areas: Our valuers will consider facilities like the bar area, jaccuzi rooms, swimming pool, among others.

Other factors we consider during property valuation include outbuildings such as servant quarters, double garages, store rooms, among others. The neighborhood the property is located and available amenities also influence the final sale price. How far is it to the nearest malls, schools, hospital, transport network, among others.

Why Choose Metroval:

  • Our valuations are carefully executed.
  • Till this moment our valuation reports never came under scrutiny.
  • Our company is a registered valuer.
  • We handle different types of valuations, and they are not handled by the same teams that handle for example probate valuations. Every type of valuation has a different team.
  • Our valuers are professional, experienced and committed to customer delight and excellence.
  • The equipment we use to help us serve our customers better, as the data base, software’s and the required infrastructure is up to date.
  • Sellers must know about pre-sale valuations for their assets.
  • Property valuations need to be done in a correct and professional way, and this is how we work.

Improvements - Increasing Your Selling Price

With valuation vs sale price report, you can improve the property's value through simple repairs. You may need to fix the bathroom, paint the whole property (easiest but most important home improvement service), roof and/or ceiling replacement. We however encourage homeowners to only stick to the most important home improvements and avoid the sophisticated but expensive ones as they tend to shoot the overall price of the house, making it difficult to sell. Our focus is to ensure that you can sell the property at the right price.

If you are considering selling your property, our team of qualified valuers will enable you set the most reasonable price for it. With us, you are guaranteed the best services from competent professionals who value their customers. Contact us today for property valuation vs sale price services.