Capital Gains Valuations

If you own an investment property that was purchased after 19 September 1985, it is most likely to be subjected to capital gains tax. Our company undertakes Capital Gains Tax property valuations, because we have approval of the Australian Taxation Office. We are always ready to assist you with getting your valuation report for a:

  • Large scale Development Site
  • Rural Holdings
  • Industrial Property Assets
  • Agribusiness
  • Residential Holdings
  • Retail

These reports are used to help tell the capital decrease of your asset or the capital increase. These valuations can also be retrospective or current. Current valuations are used to define the worth of your asset in the current property, and a retrospective valuation is used to define the worth at a former date or point in time.

We can work on a Capital Gains Tax valuation report, and your property type anywhere within Sydney. Sometimes companies do not have the ability to access the proper property resources to compare sales or search for the most relevant sales by researching the market. This will lead to inaccurate valuations and will cost you more in tax. To make sure you do not pay more tax than needed an accurate valuation is crucial.

You can make a capital loss or capital gain by transferring and or selling assets as managed funds, properties and shares. Capital Gains Tax is the tax you pay on the capital gain of an asset, and when indebted it is taken into account in your income tax. Your capital gain tax liability is calculated for the Australian tax office and depends on a formal property valuation report. Property valuation reports can be executed on the present fair market value basis or on a retrospective basis.

Capital gain tax valuations are executed for people who:

  • Leave a primary residence and rent it to renters, if a person moves out of their house to rent it to leaseholders the government will subject your property to Capital Gains Tax. Our job is to provide with a valuation report which will result in a reduction of your tax liability.
  • The owners move back into their home after the renters have left, if someone rented their house and somehow changed their mind to move back in after the renters leave, the tax liability to Capital Gains Tax will shift. Their home is now their primary residence. It is demanded to state the fair market value at this day in this situation. State to the Australian Tax Office and your accountant. Again we will try to provide you with a valuation report that will reduce your tax liability.