Overnight Dive Charter To Dry Tortugas

Overnight Dive Charter To Dry Tortugas

Diving is magical, allowing you to discover a world otherwise unreachable for most of us. However, an overnight dive to Dry Tortugas National Park with YKnot Charters is an experience that cannot be equaled by anything else.

What is scuba diving?

You do scuba diving when you go underwater for a longer time to enjoy the reefs and marine life. Our body, however, is not prepared to live without oxygen, so you will need dedicated scuba gear to breathe and see.

Regardless of your age, you can do scuba diving but, if you never did it before, our staff will teach you the basics. During the course, you will get knowledge on how to breathe underwater, and you will learn how to handle the equipment for the overnight dive to Dry Tortugas. We will also teach you how to prevent and how to solve a problem in case of any incident.

The class should not take longer than 15 minutes, but it is essential to understand how to stay safe when diving.

Is it safe to scuba dive?

As any other adventure sport also in scuba diving there is some risk involved. Since we are not built to breathe underwater, we depend on the equipment and our skills to ensure a safe resurface. We do not want to discourage you, but you need to understand that scuba diving is not dangerous as long as safety guidelines are respected.

Our expert PADI instructors will teach the rules to follow while underwater:

  • Never hold your breath - the air in a diver's lungs expands during ascent. As long as you keep breathing, this will not be a problem since you are removing the excess air through normal breathing. Holding your breath will cause the air to expand inside the lungs, causing a wall rupture.
  • Safe ascends - should be slower to give time to the nitrogen accumulated in your bloodstream at depth to dissolve and to move out. In case you do not allow a proper decompression, the bubbles formed in your blood will lead to decompression sickness.
  • Dive within your limits - do not try to exceed the limits imposed by your instructor. He or she will asses your capabilities and will decide to which depth or where to go. All you have to remember is that diving is for fun and your instructor will show you many incredible places.
  • Use the buddy system - this means that you have to make sure that while underwater, you will stay with your group and with your instructor.

Overnight dive to Dry Tortugas

By following the rules and your instructor, you will have a unique chance to enjoy marine life at night. Moreover, if we are lucky, we will have an opportunity to see the famous turtles that the place drew its name from.

The waters around the island are the last harbor of many ships that attracted over time a vast diversity of fish species. At YKnot Charters, we will make sure to show you around the most exciting places to see.

Overnight Dive Charter To Dry Tortugas
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Overnight Dive Charter To Dry Tortugas
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