foreclosures Metairie

foreclosures Metairie

You probably have heard of buying a foreclosed home. You are even likely considering getting one. Regardless of your position, it is vital to know what getting a foreclosed home means and entails.

In this article, we'll address the meaning of house foreclosure. Also, we'll discuss why you should get a foreclosure and give you a guide to buying one.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to get your foreclosures in Metairie, or you want to first inspect foreclosed homes for sale in Metairie, LA, do read to the end.

What is a Foreclosure?

When a bank seizes a house from its owner who was given a loan and couldn't pay it back, it is put up for sale. Such a house is called a foreclosure.

Any house you see tagged as a foreclosure means it's been owned and sold by a bank. On every mortgage contract, there's a right on your property. So your bank has the automatic right to own your home and sell it if you default on the financial agreements you had with them.

In a nutshell, a foreclosed home is the consequence of the actual homeowner's inability to meet his mortgage contract terms.

However, buying a home directly from the homeowner is quite unlike purchasing a foreclosure.

Guide To Buying A Foreclosed Home

Are you satisfied with the circumstances that lead to a foreclosed house, and are you ready to buy it? Great!

You can take the following steps to land your preferred foreclosed property.

  1. Get to Know and Understand The Options For Purchasing A Foreclosed Property

All things being equal, buying a foreclosed home can happen in 3 different ways. You could buy it through an auction, you could buy it from a bank after failing to sell at auction, or you can buy via short sale.

Auction Purchase

If you buy a home at an auction, there's usually no delay. But you must have the cash ready to be paid. Also, you are automatically saying regardless of the house's state, you are accepting it.

Bank Purchase When Bank Fails at Auction

The bank sells you the house and evicts the original occupant. You have almost no contact with the original homeowner. In most instances, however, banks would prefer to sell to a real estate agent than to an individual. So you may need the service of one.

Short Sale Purchase

When the bank sells a foreclosed home in foreclosure, it is usually lower than the actual price the initial owner was owing.

But the bank has to approve the purchase before you can take ownership. And this usually takes a long time.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you still can't go through the process of buying a foreclosed home, you can enlist the services of a real estate agent.

Banks will usually also hand their foreclosed homes to Real Estate-Owned agents. These REO agents work with real estate agents.

So if your real estate agent has experience with REO agents, they can help you source foreclosures available for sale.

Find Foreclosures For Sale

If you do not want to rely on your real estate agent's ability to get you a foreclosure, you can also scout for one by yourself.

There are websites where the property is listed for sale, so you could surf them and satisfy your desires.

Get a Loan Pre-approval

If you do not have the entire money to purchase a foreclosure, you most likely have to get a mortgage. Thus, it is advisable that when you hire a real estate agent and your search has begun, you should go on to get a pre-approval loan.

You'll know how much you are eligible to get from a lender and know which Foreclosure you can afford.

You will Need An Appraisal & Inspection

Two critical things in purchasing a foreclosure are inspections and appraisals. A bank or financial institution lending you money will require it to know how much the property you are getting is worth. They never want to give you more than enough money. Then an inspection will follow.

Need a Foreclosure in Metairie?

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